Thagora Offline Basic for Die Cutting Workflow


Update your current workflow

The introduction of Thagora brings several critical benefits without disrupting your current production. Scanning, nesting and cutting are performed separately, on different workstations. Unlike processing hide by hide, several hides required for one cutting job are manually selected and scanned. After the last hide is scanned, the Nesting Server starts the automatic multi-hide nesting. When the nesting job is approved, the hides are placed one by one on the cutting boards.
The dies are placed with the help of a video projector to match the automatic nesting. Then, the die cutting proceeds as usual.

Thagora Automotive Die Cutting Brochure EN 2018-09 6-6

upholstery web-17 Models
The models are imported in Thagora database. During the import procedure, the models are automatically checked for geometrical and consistency errors before using into the production. Conversion from different CAD systems and DXF formats is available.
upholstery web-16 Leather receiving
The leather is received and stored in the warehouse. All the information related to the received batches are stored in the Thagora database.
upholstery web-12 Orders
The customer orders are entered into the system. The automatic planning module optimizes the production by organizing the customer orders into the production orders. The production jobs are created and the required total area for each job is calculated.
4 thagora Hides picking and scanning
The required hides for one job are picked from the warehouse and the scanning process starts. The scanned hides of one job are stored on a separate horse and sent to the cutting area.
5 thagora Nesting
The Nesting Server starts the automatic, multi-hide nesting on all the hides of the job. After the nesting is finished, the results must be approved manually or automatically.
6 thagora Laying & Cutting & Collect
The approved jobs are ready to be cut. The hides are processed one by one. The dies are placed on each hide, with video projection assistance, according to nesting. The hide is sent, on its board, to the die-press. After cutting, the parts collecting process is assisted also by video-projection, to achieve an increased productivity. The reusable waste is automatically cut, labelled and sent back to the warehouse.
7 thagora Quality control
The quality control is performed on a separated station. The parts to be recut are marked in the system for reprocessing and a full traceability of the entire process.