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Thagora Automotive Complete Leather Cutting Technology

Thagora is a technology developed for leather car interiors manufacturing. It combines the most advanced software system, with an automatic, multi-hide nesting solution and a state-of-the-art conveyorized scanning machine. Thagora is capable to manage any kind of production process, from the most advanced Off-Line workflow, to the traditional In-Line workflow.

This solution is compatible with any type of cutting solution and it can be smoothly implemented, without disrupting the current production process.

Thagora for die press machines 

Die cutting is the golden standard in the automotive industry for good reasons. Whether it is a beam-press or a roller-press, this is a reliable technology, with excellent productivity and high uptime. It is perfectly adapted for mass production, a true asset when you must cut programs in large series, again and again.

By preserving all the advantages of the die cutting process, Thagora addresses its shortcomings (low nesting efficiency, dependency on skillful operators) by adding the latest technology in software, scanning and automatic nesting. You can keep the trusted, rugged and efficient die cutting equipment, while benefiting from the automation brought by the latest leather cutting room technology.

Thagora for CNC cutting machines 

If CNC leather cutting machines are best suitable for your type of production, Thagora offers you the freedom to choose any cutter on the market. This technology is compatible with any type of CNC cutter, whether it is new or used.

As long as the equipment is in good working condition, Thagora significantly improves its output by the introduction of the Off-Line workflow. The scanning, nesting and cutting operations are separated, so the CNC cutting machines perform only the job they are supposed to do: cutting. Thus, you have a complete leather cutting room solution that makes you more competitive than ever in the leather car interiors industry

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Download Thagora Automotive Brochure

Download Thagora Automotive Brochure


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