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Gemini CAD Systems at Interzum 2017


Cologne, Germany

Gemini CAD Systems at TexTextil 2017


Messe Frankfurt, Germany

Gemini CAD Systems at TUYAP 2016


Istanbul, Turkey



Milan, Italy

GeminiCAD at TEXPROCESS 2015


Frankfurt, Germany

GeminiCAD will attend SIMAC 2015


Milan, Italy

GeminiCAD at BIFE-SIM 2014


Bucharest, Romania

GeminiCAD at TUYAP 2014


Istanbul, Turkey

Gemini CAD at SIMAC 2013


Bologna, Italy

GeminiCAD at TUYAP 2012


Istanbul, Turkey

GeminiCAD at Textech 2011



GeminiCAD at LETEX 2010


GeminiCAD at the XXXVth Federal Trade Fair for Apparel & Textile "Textillegprom"


Moscow, Russia



Kiev, Ukraine

Textile high school competition in city of Smederevo


Smederovo, Serbia

GeminiCAD Systems included in educational strategy


GeminiCAD Systems at the ITCE'12 exhibition



Gemini CAD at the Istanbul Leather Fashion Fair 2009

Istanbul, Turkey

Gemini CAD Systems on AYSAF 2009

Istanbul , Turkey

Gemini CAD Systems at the IMB Trade Show


Cologne, Germany

Gemini CAD Systems on DTG 2009

Gemini CAD Systems at the Unijatex 2008 exhibition


Belgrade, Serbia

GeminiCAD X8 is now available

Gemini Automatic Digitizing system "Gemini Photo Smart"

Interzum is the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design. This is where the most important business is conducted and momentum for the global furniture supply industry is created. Gemini CAD Systems will contribute to 2017 edition by exhibiting its state of the art solution for leather processing.

The big star of the show will be ANDURA waterjet cutter series, which will define new industry performance standards.

Gemini CAD Systems proudly invites you to TexTextil 2017 in Messe Frankfurt, the leading international trade fair for the international garment-manufacturing and textile processing industry.

We shall have the pleasure to exhibit our newest innovative solutions in pattern design, nesting, digital printing and cutting, along with our traditional partners.

Gemini CAD Systems, together with his strategical partner in Turkish market – company TETAS participated between the 27th and 30th of April 2016 at the 25th edition of the CLOTHING MACHINERY FAIR 2016 in Turkey, Istanbul. The exhibition is one of the main events worldwide that brings together the top companies of the industry.
For GeminiCAD it was an excellent opportunity to reveal the entire CAD solution, and, completed with the CAM technology offered by TETAS, to address a total and comprehensive solution for the cutting room.
Also, another point of attraction was the Gemini VisionCUT system, improved with the new PDFtoNest / PDFtoPrint® technology, approaching the segment of digital printed textiles, which is a growing segment of today apparel industry.

GeminiCAD Systems cordially invites you to attend SIMAC TANNING TECH held in Milan from 23rd to 25th of February 2016 (http://www.simactanningtech.it/fairs/en).
SIMAC TANNING TECH, the international event with the most qualified offer of machinery and technologies for the footwear, leather goods and tanning industries, is the perfect opportunity for Gemini to display the reengineered version of the leather inspection machine LS 3000-AR and the nesting server LX2.
These, along with our Leather Cutting Software suite are key components of the GEMINI LEATHER SYSTEM, providing the most reliable and accurate inspection process and the best leather nesting efficiency.
GEMINI LEATHER SYSTEM addresses both those interested in investing in new cutting room equipment and those who want to preserve the current hardware installed base.
Our professional crew will host you at the GeminiCAD stand placed in Hall 18, Booth no K38/L37, ready to impress the most demanding professional visitors.

GeminiCAD Systems is pleased to announce its presence at TEXPROCESS from 4 to 7 May 2015 in Frankfurt am Main. The international trade fair for processing textile and flexible materials is among the most important events of the year and will bring together all the important players in the textile, technical textile and leather industry. Together with our partners, Shanghai Yin Science & Technology Co. Ltd., the GeminiCAD team will expect you to our booth to present our innovative technology for textile and leather.

The Gemini new generation software portfolium that will be presented includes VisionCUT, Cutter Collecting Wizard and Gemini Leather Cutting System, all customer oriented and configurable for a wide range of products and workflow types.

The finest machinery and technology for leather processing will be showcased next year at SIMAC TANNING-TECH Milan 2015 Exhibition, from 25 to 27 February.

Gemini CAD Systems is glad to announce its presence at the worldwide leading event for the leather and footwear industry.

The exhibition will provide an excellent ground for Gemini to display the latest version of the leather inspection machine and the nesting server XL2. Both incorporating cutting-edge technologies, they are key components of the GEMINI LEATHER SYSTEM, providing the best leather nesting efficiency and the most reliable and accurate inspection process.

Being a pathfinder in the development of technology, GeminiCAD attended the INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE, EQUIPMENTS AND ACCESORIES FAIR – BIFE-SIM 2014, held in Bucharest between 10-14 September 2014.

GeminiCAD’s booth was a special center of attraction for the professional visitors,mainly furniture manufacturers. Their interest was animated by the Digital Leather Inspection System that provides the best performance in terms of ergonomics, accuracy and speed of leather inspection.

Gemini CAD Systems is amongst the world leading technology providers that participated between 24-27 April 2014 at the 24th edition of the CLOTHING MACHINERY FAIR 2014 in Turkey, Istanbul. The exhibition is one of the world’s biggest event that brings together the top companies of the industry.

For GeminiCAD it was an excellent opportunity to impress the professional visitors that came in a large number from 66 countries. Along with its host, Gemini Otomasyon, our company received full marks from the highly demanding visitors. GeminiCAD exceeded their expectations with innovative solution such as the most ergonomic and accurate leather inspection system using infrared technology or the new generation optical recognition system for CNC cutting application.

The exhibition for leather processing technologies SIMAC Bologna 2013 provided an excellent opportunity for Gemini CAD Systems to introduce its new equipment for leather inspection and nesting. The server XL2 claims the leading position in leather nesting, while the Digital Inspection Table responds to the new requirements for more efficient leather usage in high quality conditions.

Gemini CAD Systems attended, thru ITS sole distributor in Turkey, Gemini Otomasyon, at CLOTHING MACHINERY 2012 held in Istanbul between the 31st of May and the 3rd June 2012.

Friendly hosts in an exceptional booth, Gemini Otomasyon impressed by perfect organization. The highlight was of course the complete Gemini CAD system, with the highest efficiency multicore nesting, automatic photodigitizer, high-end inkjet plotters and the economic plotter pen, and laser cutting technology.

GeminiCAD Systems participated together with his Indonesian distributor, the company Barunesia Jayandi PT at Indonesia’s International Exhibition on Textile Apparel Technology & Machinery – Textech Indonesia 2011 International Expo between 12-15 May 2011.

The visitors were enthusiastic about the technologies presented: the automatic photo digitizer module enjoyed attention, together with the high efficiency automatic nesting compatible with any CAD systems and FlexiJet series inkjet plotters, using printer ink cartridges available in any computer store.

Gemini CAD Systems attended, together with it`s distributor for the Republic of Moldova, the Olga Ceban company, the International Exhibition for merchendise, machinery and raw materials for the light industry, 10th edition, between the 18th and the 21st of November 2010.

The new automatic nesting algorithm aroused a real interest among the visitors, who apreciated the high efficiency and the fabric savings that the algorithm makes possible, making it very easy to absorb the investition just by the value of the saved fabric.

From the 21st of September till the 24th of September 2010 in Moscow, Russia, took place the XXXVth Federal Trade Fair for Apparel & Textile “Textillegprom”.

The GEMINI CAD SYSTEM was represented by the Gemini distributor on the Russian market, the “PEREVALOV“company.

The system was given a lot of positive comments by visitors – experts.

Special attention was given to the PhotoDigitizer module, which allows to digitize several details at once and also gives the opportunity of construction and duplication of design by using different methods, depending on necessity.

Gemini CAD Systems attended, through his partner in Ukraine, company Global, to the „Kiev Fashion Fair” held in Kiev between 14-17 September 2010.
Visitors attention was drawn to the high efficincy algorithm for automatic nesting and Automatic Photo Digitization solution for patterns.

Serbian distributor of GeminiCAD Systems – company Global-Trade Yu organized a seminar from 23rd of April to 24th of April in Smederevo, where professors as well as directors of 32 schools from entire territory of Serbia participated. Our host, the highschool „Despot Ðurad“ Smederevo organized with the same occasion a competition of creativity between schools.
For the winner of the competition as well as for the host school, Gemini CAD Systems and Gemini distributor Global-Trade Yu have provided two complete licenses of GeminiCAD. The aim of this sponsorship is to educate the young generation for the future challenges in the production.

On the 24-25th of March on the headquarters of Textile Patterns Design Department of the Ivanovo State Textile Academy and Design Studio “Academy” was held the presentation of Gemini CAD System. The seminar was led by Gemini CAD Systems manager Olga Meshchanyuk from the company Perevalov OOO. Visitors’ attention was drawn to the Automatic Photo Digitization solution for patterns, due to which for the first time student get the opportunity to digitize patterns in electronic format and rapidly make orders for new models. Besides students and lecturers, to the event participate also design personnel of some clothing industry enterprises of Ivanovo. During the presentation they see a lot of practical examples and got the answers for many questions. From now GeminiCAD Systems is included in the educational program of textile patterns design department of Ivanovo State Textile Academy.

Between the 23rd and the 26th of February 2010, GeminiCAD Systems was presented through his partner in Egypt, Skytop Group company, at the 12th International African Arabian Exibition for Textile, Embrodery, Sewing Machinery & Accessories, the main exhibition for the textile industry in Egypt.
Visitors attention was drawn to the Automatic Photo Digitization solution for patterns, who arose their interest, being the only solution of this kind on the local market.

Gemini CAD Systems attended, together with the Turkiye exclusive distributor – Gemini Otomasyon, the “Istanbul Leather Fashion Fair 2009” where we presented the automatic acquisition, nesting and leather cutting system.
The High-tech solution reached a real interest from visitors, who appreciated the innovation and efficiency brought by this system in a sector where the existing technological process is mostly manual.

Gemini CAD Systems has exhibited its world premiere for the automated acquisition, nesting and leather cutting system.
The integrated system is an innovative solution that allows the acquisition and processing of natural leather with its particular characteristics (defects, quality zones etc.). Also, the nesting is done automatically in real time, respecting the placing on the different quality zones.
The system is extremely versatile and can be implemented with any type of cutting machine.

Gemini CAD Systems is pleased to announce the participation in the 2009 IMB Trade Show, from April 21 to 24, in Cologne, Germany. The highlight during the event will be the launch of the new version X9 of Gemini CAD. Also the state of the art new nesting algorithm, based on Multi Core technology, will be introduced to the market.
The event will also prove the new strategy of Gemini CAD to expand to new markets and technologies such as Leather Nesting & Cutting and Single Ply Special Cutting application.
You are welcome to visit us on IMB Trade Show 2009 in Hall 8, booth C032.

The Gemini CAD systems partner in Bangladesh, NAF Group company, attended the DTG 2009 Dhaka international exhibition, where they launched, for the Bangladesh market, the EUROCAD design system, based on Gemini Technology.
Visitors attention was drawn to the Automatic Photo Digitization solution for patterns, who arose their interest, being the only solution of this kind on the local market.

Between the 2nd and the 5th of October 2008, Gemini CAD Systems was presented, together with Global Trade YU – the Serbia distributor, at the Belgrade UNIJATEX 2008 exhibition, the main exhibition for the textile and leather industry in the Republic of Serbia. The presence of the Gemini cad system was enthusiastically welcomed by the visitors, Gemini Photo Digitizer rising the interest through novelty and performance. The visitors considered Gemini CAD to be perfectly adapted to the regional reality through performance and price.

The new version brings to the users many new features and enhancements, keeping GeminiCAD software as a leader in supplying the best technology in 2008 too.
Among the most important updates are:
– New grading system, accepting drop and configuration grading, automatic size-set generator, continuous index size generator, etc
– Automatic Photo-Digitizing software module, capable to digitize at high speed and accuracy the pattern contours and internal elements, with export in native format of Gerber, Lectra, Investronica and Assyst.
– New design functions like: piece bar menu, magnetic path drawing, size by size shape modification, multiple bulge, close folded dart, French curves, create multiple internal points on path, on piece dimensions display, etc.
– Compatibility with Investronica database, by connecting directly to the investronica pattern database server.
– Compatibility with DigiPen digitizing device.
– Compatibility with Gammatech plotters directly from Gemini Plotter Spooler without using the original plotter software.
– New interface for Cut Plan, with more space for the spreading table.

This solution dramatically reduces the time to digitize the patterns, offering a full automated procedure for this. The typical time to process a complete style with 10 different patterns is about 8 seconds. The system can recognize and transform into vectorial CAD data the piece contour, internal lines, notches, internal points. The acquired data can also be exported into Gerber, Lectra, Assyst and Investronica native format, as well as in standard DXF AAMA format.