Made to Measure Parametric

Advanced Parametric Made-to-Measure Plugin for Industrial Textile

There are two usual methods for processing MTM patterns: the alteration method and the parametric skeleton method. Gemini CAD Systems offers support for both methods, by incorporating two dedicated plug-ins:


  • Basic Alteration MTM Plugin
  • Expert Parametric MTM Plugin

Expert Parametric MTM Plugin


The Expert Parametric has a totally different and modern approach. The construction of the patterns is based on a geometrical infrastructure, called skeleton. The skeleton is built by using the classic pattern construction techniques and steps, as described in any pattern construction manual, thus being very simple and logical for any trained pattern designer. The skeleton contains formulas and geometrical relations that are based on measurements. By introducing different measurement values in the formula, the shape of the skeleton will change, but it will always maintain the correlation and shape constraints.