VisionCUT® is replacing the use of old generation optical recognition systems (camera on head) in CNC cutting applications such as mark recognition or repetitive motifs and is also extending to new applications such as on-the-fly contour recognition or skew & bow distort compensation, which were previously not covered by old technology.
The main difference is that VisionCUT® is scanning the entire surface of the fabric, thus being able to identify the entire geometry and distortion of the printed elements.

VisionCUT® COMPATIBILITY. VisionCUT® has been designed with compatibility in mind. The system contains both hardware and software components that were made totally machine independent, ready to be installed on any single-ply conveyor cutter with minimal requirements and effort. Our team will provide all services from consultancy to design and implementation, upon the request from the client. There is only a minimal interfer- ence with the cutter, therefore the installation of VisionCUT® is fully reversible and does not affect the standard operation of the cutter.


VisionCUT® Recognition & Processing Algorithms. Our modular software package allows the system to be configured for various products and work environments. All key components of the system, like scanning, elements identification, repositioning & distortion rules and restrictions, contour extraction and interpolation, nesting algorithms, cutting optimization, are internally developed by Gemini CAD and are now defining the new performance benchmarks in industry.