The sportswear articles and cloths in generally, are usually made of many different fabrics. One of the biggest challenges in cutting multiple orders mixed together in the same marker, with the purpose of reducing the fabric consumption, is to collect the articles back together as making part of the right order. GeminiCAD commits itself to covering the entire manufacturing process. This must include also collect & storage of cut parts at the end of process. Gemini Cut Collect fits perfectly in this position, providing a full pickby-light drop-by-light system, with configurable scenarios and rules to fit later stages in manufacturing flow.


This complete integration reduces dramatically the errors in parts handling and storage, providing a solid infrastructure for just-in-time production and mass customisation. The information used for collecting strategy is taken directly form the design and order file. The software is capable to process in parallel information from different markers. In this way the program can collect parts making part of the same article in the same basket, even if they are separately cut from different fabrics. Our collecting solution is developed for any automatic single ply or high ply cutter with conveyor table, and it helps collecting the cut parts by high-lighting the next piece or the next group of pieces to be collected

and printing the corresponding label for them. The level of automation is so high, that the operator doesn’t needs to have any kind of knowledge about the product itself. The product complexity is no longer a challenge for collecting.

The Cut Collect Assistant System is linked directly to the offload conveyor table of the cutting machine and the collecting process is synchronized with the belt movement. Collecting and piece depositing is assisted by a video projector using an advanced ergonomic and customizable stand-alone software package. The bundling strategies are fully customizable and as well is the patterns highlighting. (index, colour, pattern, etc.).

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