Automatic Grading Expert

Automatic Grading Expert plugin for Pattern Designer

Gemini Automatic Grading Expert (Tailoring Assistant) is the latest 2D product covering the 2 applications in garment design:

– For fashion houses, haute couture boutiques and other companies that produce on-demand, made-to-measure clothes, the Automatic Grading Expert plugin can provide an automatic pattern reshaping, to fit each customer’s individual dimensions. It can be used for any type of clothes requiring a perfect match with the client’s body, such as evening dresses or men’s suits.
– For the mass garments production, the Automatic Grading Expert plugin provides full automatic grading on different size sets, and it is capable of grading a single product for several different size tables, for different markets, without any human intervention. For instance, the same shirt, designed only one time as a parametric project, can be automatically graded in the blink of an eye, to fit the standard size chart for Belgium and, after that, without any intervention, it can be graded for the standard size set specific to the United States.

The Automatic Grading Expert allows a totally different approach, compared to Made-to-Measure, based on the Alteration method.
The construction of the patterns is based on a geometrical infrastructure, called skeleton. The skeleton is built by using the classic pattern construction techniques and steps, as described in any pattern construction manual, thus being very simple and logical for any pattern designer. The skeleton contains formulas and geometrical relations that are based on measurements. By introducing different measurement values in the formula, the shape of the skeleton will change, but it will always maintain the correlation and shape constraints.

The advantages of the traditional geometric design:

  •    Classical step-by-step parametrical pattern design
  •    Perfect matching for the shape and dimensions of the patterns on all sizes
  •    Complete automatic pattern grading, by directly using the dimensions from the size table
  •    Automatic pattern reshaping, to fit each client’s individual dimensions – made-to-measure
  •    Automatic pattern reshaping, to fit extreme sizes, maintaining the perfect pattern correspondence


brosura Gemini X9 AGE bun

brosura Gemini X9 AGE 3
The most remarkable feature of x9 Gemini MTM is that you can automatically generate, from GPE, the webpage for each new product, this HTML page being able to be directly integrated into your website for the online MTM garments sales.