Spred&Cut Planner

Gemini Spread&Cut Planner


Gemini Spread&Cut Planner is the link between the design room and the cutting room. It provides fast and high-quality automatic or interactive optimization for the spreading and cutting operations.

In the Gemini Spread&Cut Planner application, the operator sets the quantity of pieces ordered by the client for each model, size and fabric, and some general settings regarding cutting: the preferred spreading length, the maximum number of sheets in the lay and the fabric width. The Gemini Spread&Cut Planner application can automatically generate the most efficient plan for the product grouping and distribution, so a minimal number of markers and lays are needed in order to obtain the ordered quantities. This automatic operation lasts for 1-2 minutes. The user may choose among several automatic and manual or semiautomatic lay planning strategies, so the best results are achieved every time.

Gemini Spread&Cut Planner General Features

  • Automatic and manual lay definition
  • Automatic order optimization
  • Cutting Room order report
  • Export for plotters, cutters
  • Export for other CAD systems
  • Import from ERP systems

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