Waterjet Cutter

Waterjet Cutter

Waterjet is a winning solution for leather cutting. However, a cutter is much more than a simple cutting tool. All its parts contribute to the quality, cost and productivity of cutting just as much as the cutting tool itself.

ANDURA brilliantly combines the advantages and simplicity of waterjet cutting with the powerful functionality and convenience of a conveyor cutter.

This mixture of features is well-supported by the state-of-the-art electronics and software solutions provided by Gemini CAD Systems, which has set new standards in industry over the past decade.

The non-contact cutting by a thin water jet brings several significant advantages, the virtually zero thickness of the cutting tool allowing no-gap nesting; therefore, higher leather usage non-contact cutting allows processing leather with high-flatness quality problems, with no costs for the cutting consumables.

Technological Highlights

Pick-by-light and drop-by-light video projection system

A highly interactive and intuitive video projection system is used to eliminate collecting and grouping errors and increase productivity while reducing the operator’s level of fatigue.

With ultra-light and sturdy components, the made-to-last Andura cutter makes no compromise in incorporating the best non-corrosive materials and components, suitable for a wet environment. The conveyor honeycomb is made in house, from stainless steel. The body and moving parts are made entirely from anodized Aluminum, allowing fast accelerations and high cutting speed; our designers focused on saving every possible fraction of weight on all critical moving parts, and also on optimizing the shapes for achieving the best rigidity and endurance.

Frontal effortless loading and unloading, no compromise in ergonomics and productivity. One single operator can manage this double-side cutter with no effort, with no stretching over the cutting surface. The independent conveyors will help loading the leather and bring the cut parts in the operator’s range, for easy collecting.

The open-source parts ANDURA series incorporates standard off-the-shelf electronics, mechanics and consumables, that can equally be independently purchased by the end user from third-party sources, in order to avoid creating a relation of dependency and potential price abuse by the supplier of the equipment, which is a common practice by many competitors.






Incorporating the Best Technology from the Best Suppliers

ANDURA’s high output and cutting speed are provided by the two cutting heads working in tandem in a perfectly orchestrated ballet, conducted by the latest digital servo drives, motion controllers and motors provided by industry leader Yaskawa. Reduced electricity consumption: The new generation of inverter-controlled hydraulic pressure pumps provided by Bosch-Rexroth allows the system to modulate the power in real time. When there is no need for pressure, the pump simply slows down. Compared to a mechanical pressure regulating valve, ANDURA can save up to 40% of the energy consumption. The lifelong water pressure intensifier provided by industry leader Accustream USA provides low maintenance costs, a low noise level and a constant pressure. The components are used at about 30% of their designed pressure, therefore the life cycle is much longer than the one of any of the competitor products. No matter how good technology is, the real value is added by the human touch. Gemini CAD Systems kept the balance by putting, in building a powerful team, the same effort it put in developing its products. Our support team members’ competence extends from deep theoretical knowledge about the software and hardware all the way to day-to-day production problems, process optimization, hardware integration and compatibility, etc.

Gemini CAD Systems provides 24/7 online support in 5 languages, using its proprietary remote-assistance system and the latest internet tools that make the interaction with the customer easy and efficient.