New horizons in technology @Texprocess Americas Gemini CAD Systems will present its star-products for CAD technology and leather

Gemini CAD Systems, together with its partner DEMA Sewing Machine Company, will attend TEXPROCESS AMERICAS, the largest North American trade show displaying equipment and technology for sewn products, to be held in Atlanta between May 22-24, 2018.
The Gemini and DEMA teams will expect their guests at booth 1347 with detailed presentations and consultancy on star-products: the premium X17 CAD applications, Thagora – the advanced leather technology and Gemini innovative solutions for hot sectors like sportswear production or e-commerce platforms.

With its X17 CAD suite for the cutting room and with Thagora advanced leather solution, Gemini sets down once again the highest technology standards on the market. Innovation is the key, as always. But changing the approach of a feature or the way you implement it would not be enough without effectiveness. That is why Gemini maintains its philosophy to provide products and solutions with concrete applicability and significant impact in the design and manufacturing processes. Over 120 bright people work at Gemini to embrace the exclusive FITS concept, which means to offer 4 key-benefits to their customers: functionality, innovation, top-technology and sustainability.

The current Gemini portfolio addresses the most pressing demands in the industry: mass customization, Industry 4.0 integration, product traceability and protection of creative rights. In the same time, it includes dedicated solutions for hot sectors like sportswear production, garments and furniture e-commerce platforms, leather upholstery manufacturing.
At Texprocess Americas, the Gemini and DEMA teams will expect their guests at booth 1347 for presenting the entire product portfolio, with focus on the advanced technologies:
• Thagora is the advanced leather cutting room technology provided by Gemini for furniture and automotive industries. Thagora is a modular and scalable software and hardware package that offers significant benefits in terms of leather savings, operators’ efficiency and machines usage optimization. The system manages all types of workflows: In-Line, Off-Line Basic and Off-Line Advanced. Thagora also features Thagora Leather Scanning Machine, an advanced technology for hides digitization, and the first multi-hide GPU nesting solution on the market.
• Gemini AutomART solution automates the manufacturing workflow for digital printed stitched goods and offers shorter response time, improved product quality and significant costs savings. This is the only CAD technology capable to import, edit, nest and print high-resolution PDF files with graphical elements. The mass customization sector and mainly sportswear producers benefit the most from this Gemini solution applied to garments.
• As an add-on to Gemini Pattern Designer, Style Selector offers advanced capabilities for variants management and e-commerce integration. It is a smart and easy to use tool, with great automation and integration benefits, that allows costs savings and improved quality when working with customizable products variants. Bespoke garments and furniture manufacturers, especially those who operate e-commerce platforms, have now the best tool to automate and manage the customizing process, from the online or offline interaction with the beneficiary while collecting their options and preferences until the dynamic generation of the needed variant.
Having so many useful information to find out on the Gemini CAD Systems products, you are invited to attend Texprocess Americas and visit booth 1347: meet Gemini and DEMA teams, get all the answers you need and connect yourself to the new technology horizons!
See you in Atlanta, between May 22-24, 2018!

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