MEET X19 GENERATION OF GEMINI TECHNOLOGY. Enjoy the present, open the future!

X19 generation is the current version of Gemini CAD Systems products

Indicating the high level of innovation, stability and maturity of our CAD applications, as well as the opening towards new developments based on cloud services, X19 generation is the current version of Gemini CAD Systems products. It should be seen as a natural continuation of X17 version, thanks to latest progresses.

Previous versions of the applications, meaning X9 or X17, are no longer parts of our sales portfolio.

Nevertheless, customers who are using X9 and X17 products will continue to be assisted with support services, based on appropriate conditions (if they are under warranty or a service contract), by Gemini CAD Systems and its partners, upon the case.


Gemini X19 is the technology of the present

If you are a CAD specialist, we know you want your system to have a friendly interface and an intuitive environment. You need modern, simple, efficient and powerful functions and features. You need tools to design, develop, check, correct and secure your work and the quality of your products. And maybe most, you want to be able to do anything, anytime, always, as your job requires.

Well, in terms of CAD technology all these mean state-of-the art applications, with complete functionalities, high stability and a very good level of user experience. That is what Gemini X19 CAD suite really offers. Take your time and discover our latest products, to enjoy all these values and put our technology at work for you.

Here are few other details to note and remember, as X19 significant advantages for CAD specialists, production teams and for the entire company:

  • X19 CAD applications allows you to cover day-by-day needs and also complicated or advanced tasks, no matter the flexible goods industry or sector you work in, for all the production workflows, including seam allowance, corners, marry and walking pieces and so on. Everything you need. The applications are ready to be deployed in production, ready to provide immediate results.
  • X19 helps you control and optimize your production processes, to interconnect the CAD environment with your ERP and other enterprise systems, to prepare future stages in products’ development. Discover integration benefits offered by Pattern Sketch, Linked Pieces, Advanced Folds, Model History.
  • X19 englobes efficient solutions for organizational goals and needs, beyond mass production, such as business development, targeting niche sectors or opening new markets. Discover MTM features, Style Selector system or AutomART technology for more details.


Gemini X19 is the technology of the future

Well, if X19 would be a person, it would be a bright guy already, but also a prodigious learner. Always ready for the next steps, always keen to offer more. In terms of technology, the current X19 products portfolio is the perfect base for next developments, with our soon to be launched cloud services platform, named Apogy.

Apogy is a key that opens Gemini world to a new universe of infinite possibilities: Industry 4.0 integration and communication, automatization tools, subscription-based licenses, on demand services, digital management, dynamic and shared connectivity among systems or environments, retail and B2C applications and many more. Yes, the sky is the limit here, literally.

Apogy platform will be gradually made available for you this year. Starting this summer, the first level of implementation will offer you access to the following types of cloud services:

  • Digital Assets Management category, meaning:
    • Cloud Storage platform and backup;
    • Workflow Management – for designing production workflows, setting steps and stages in the product development, setting rules, terms and procedures for moving from a stage to another, users who can contribute to each stage, their roles and their rights;
    • Access Rights Management – keep your digital assets safe by using our encryption and decide who, when and why can access your files and creative content.
  • Bespoke platform
    • allows full management of on demand orders for customizable products;
    • the customization of the products can be done for style, for measure and/or for graphic decoration, including any combination of these variables;
    • upon users’ choice, the platform can englobe a customers’ depository based on identities and profiles, an orders’ depository, a production orders’ depository;
    • the platform can be dynamically connected and integrated with various channels and terminals to collect customers’ choices and orders: POS applications, e-commerce platforms, mobile apps and so on;
    • the platform is dynamically connected with CAD environment and with ERPs or other enterprise systems, to allow design checking, automatic management of production orders, preparing and launching the nesting, printing and cutting stages, or even further reports and analyzes based on the production orders.

The access to Apogy cloud services will be based on users’ identities, profiles and secured login credentials.

Beside the direct benefits of these services, using Apogy you will fully enjoy the special advantages of cloud computing:

  • automatic software updates – no more worries, efforts and wasting time for maintaining the systems yourself, we will take care for you and roll out regular software updates, for you to have constant access to our latest versions of technology;
  • scalability – you’ll be able to scale up or down your cloud capacity, having a high level of agility and flexibility to cover the fluctuant needs of your business, on each development stage;
  • increased collaboration, protected quality, better control – your teams will be able to access, edit and share files and documents anytime, from anywhere, based on individual roles and rights, doing more and better together; as a plus, the company will be able to manage, organize and supervise this shared work and contributions; as all the files are stored centrally, everyone sees only one version of the content, which means improved collaboration, enhanced product quality, diminished risk of mistakes;
  • mobility, accessibility – with cloud computing, if you’ve got an internet connection, you are at work; so you can have and offer to your colleagues more working options, you can easier collaborate with people in different office locations, time zones and regions, you can include telecommute solutions to reorganize your working force and increase its productivity;
  • security – cloud computing allows you to have a better content and creative rights protection, better documents control, greater security on stored data and files, protection against lost or broken devices and other incidents potentially threatening your digital assets;
  • performance and competitiveness – cloud computing means access to enterprise-class technology, for everyone – even for smaller businesses, empowering the users to face markets needs and challenges in a faster, better and more efficient way.


Do you want X19? Here are your options

  1. If you’ve got a previous Gemini software version and you are under WARRANTY (less than 1 year from purchase) or under a SERVICE CONTRACT, with included update access, you have free access to X19 versions of your licenses. Download the X19 versions from MyCAD platform and perform an online activation procedure to install them. Then, discover and enjoy our X19 generation!
  2. If you’ve got a previous Gemini software version and you DON’T HAVE warranty or a service contract, you can download a DEMO version of Gemini Pattern Designer X19 from MyCAD platform, to explore and discover its features. Please contact the authorized Gemini distributor in your area to find out your options to get a full X19 version, for production use.
  3. If you’ve got a previous Gemini software version and you want to extend your Gemini products portfolio, please contact the authorized Gemini distributor in your area with your X19 purchase request.
  4. If you need guidance to identify the authorized Gemini distributor in your area, please contact Gemini CAD Systems directly, at


In addition, no matter your current status as Gemini customer and your current products portfolio, please review your company’s profile on MyCAD platform, for checking and completing your information, so that to have full access to next developments provided by Gemini CAD Systems this year, in terms of resources, information, services and products.


Enjoy Gemini X19!