Mathematics Internship – Computational Geometry

Academic year 2016-2017

Research topic:
Computational and mathematical modelling of the placement space on flat surfaces when it comes to nesting

The internship programme will be organized as a research project, enabling the participants to get familiar with teamwork, with the way to plan and carry out the project, going through all the phases, starting from the preliminary research and continuing with the analysis, the development of solutions, the synthesis and presentation of results, the upstream and downstream integration with other stages in the development and evolution of certain technologies.

Internship conditions:

  • A low number of working hours and a flexible schedule, adapted to working-while-studying at the university
  • Dedicated mentorship provided by experienced mathematicians and informaticians working in the company
  • Workshops attended by certain external specialists, academics and researchers
  • Vacations during the final examination period and during the holidays
  • Remuneration proportional to the time spent, transportation costs refunding and other supplementary benefits
  • Participation  in  Gemini  CAD  Systems  team’s  personal&professional  development,  relaxation  and team-building activities

Participation requirements:
The participants in the internship must be students at the Faculty of Mathematics, the Faculty of Informatics or the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science, with very good results in Mathematics Competitions and National Contests and with a considerable proven activity in the field.