Interzum 2017- Gemini CAD Systems presented the latest updates of the Thagora Leather Cutting solution and the new Andura Waterjet

Gemini CAD Systems had a very successful presence at Interzum 2017, the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design, held in Cologne, Germany. After years of continuous development and deployment for many customers, we presented the latest updates of Thagora, our state-of-the-art Leather Cutting System, powered by Mathematics. As the pioneers of the Off-Line Advanced workflow, we could use our experience to further develop an already proven technology. The most important improvements were the new Analytics and LiveReports modules.

Analytics provides full traceability of the process and represents a powerful decision tool for the management team. It is based on a complete data capture of the entire production process and an advanced engine of statistical analysis. The Cloud implementation along with the high level of the statistical analysis offer: operators and machine-correlated analysis, scanning operators’ average activity reports: speed, faults, precision. Furthermore, it brings the possibility to analyze recuts charts and correlated data with machines, operators and leather types.

LiveReports brings the possibility of managing the status of key operating metrics on a smartphone or a tablet. LiveReports enables daily, weekly KPIs, machines status, live availability on any device and customizable alerts.

Furthermore, we brought a new design for the Thagora Leather Scanning Machine and a significant improvement in UX/UI for its software

Andura Waterjet is another novelty launched at Interzum. It combines the advantages and simplicity of waterjet cutting with the powerful functionality and convenience of a conveyor cutter. This mixture of features is well-supported by the state-of-the-art electronics and software solutions provided by Gemini CAD Systems. The cutting by a thin water jet brings several significant advantages: virtually zero thickness of the cutting tool allowing no-gap nesting, therefore higher leather usage, non-contact cutting allowing to process leather with high flatness without quality problems, and low cost of cutting consumables.

The interest shown in our technology by the attendees proved once again that Thagora is one of the leading solutions for the leather cutting room in the Furniture and Automotive industries. At the same time, the unveiling of Andura Waterjet proved the ability of Gemini CAD Systems to develop technologies that stand out through innovation and smart features.

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