GeminiCAD X8 is now available

The new version brings to the users many new features and enhancements, keeping GeminiCAD software as a leader in supplying the best technology in 2008 too.
Among the most important updates are:
– New grading system, accepting drop and configuration grading, automatic size-set generator, continuous index size generator, etc
– Automatic Photo-Digitizing software module, capable to digitize at high speed and accuracy the pattern contours and internal elements, with export in native format of Gerber, Lectra, Investronica and Assyst.
– New design functions like: piece bar menu, magnetic path drawing, size by size shape modification, multiple bulge, close folded dart, French curves, create multiple internal points on path, on piece dimensions display, etc.
– Compatibility with Investronica database, by connecting directly to the investronica pattern database server.
– Compatibility with DigiPen digitizing device.
– Compatibility with Gammatech plotters directly from Gemini Plotter Spooler without using the original plotter software.
– New interface for Cut Plan, with more space for the spreading table.

GeminiCAD team wants to thank all our customers, distributors and partners for the feedback and quality reports that helped us to continuously improve our products.