Gemini CAD Systems attends Fast Textile 2017 fair in Poland, together with its partner Alubest

Gemini CAD Systems presents its state-of-the-art integrated technology for Shaped Textile Digital Printing at Fast Textile 2017, one of the major fairs in Europe, held between November 16-18 in Warsaw, Poland. The demo station can be found in the Alubest booth, near the main entrance, the Gemini and Alubest teams being ready to offer detailed information about the new technology to all the visitors and customers. Continuous live demonstrations are scheduled on the three days of the event.

Shaped Textile Digital Printing is the newest addition to Gemini CAD’s portfolio of products and part of the new X17 CAD generation, that brings added value to the users and new revolutionary strengths in software applications.
For the bright and dedicated Gemini team, the challenge was simple and daring in the same time: how to handle digital textile printing while performing typical apparel procedures such as grading or nesting. And the amazing answer of the problem is the innovative Shaped Textile Digital Printing solution, based on a proprietary technology, capable to import, scale, imposition and print high-quality printable files such as EPS or PDF. This capability exists both in Gemini Pattern Designer X17 and in Gemini Nest Expert X17 modules.
Thanks to this new technology, for the first time, producers of digitally printed sportswear and other sewn goods can implement a fully automated workflow which reduces by up to 60% labor costs. Use of consumables such as transfer paper and printer time are reduced by up to 35%, while ink consumption is reduced by up to 10%. Quality in matching the sewn parts on any size is guaranteed and does not require any compromise. The entire process is also compatible with direct-to-fabric printing technology.

After successful presentations at TexProcess 2017 (Frankfurt am Main) and CISMA 2017 (Shanghai), the Gemini CAD Systems team has worked with Alubest partners in Poland, for bringing the new Shaped Textile Digital Printing technology at Fast Textile 2017 fair in Warsaw. With more than 250 exhibitors from all over the world and an estimated of 24,000 visitors, Fast Textile 2017 is the most important event in the Polish world of fabrics and accessories and quickly became the largest event of that rank in Central Europe. The fair takes place in Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn near Warsaw.

You are all invited to join the Gemini CAD Systems and Alubest teams at Fast Textile 2017 and to see the innovative Shaped Textile Digital Printing technology at work!

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