Colors & Shapes. Smart Print Solutions

SMART solutions for fashion and textile industry. and Gemini CAD Systems launch an innovative concept in Sibiu


Experts, managers and creatives in fashion and textile industries are invited to Sibiu, between 16-18 November, to discover and test the latest software and hardware solutions and technologies, targeting garments, furniture and other sectors working with flexible materials. The professional event is named „Colors & Shapes. Smart Print Solutions”, being co-organized by and Gemini CAD Systems.


The project is based on the joint initiative of two printing and technology companies, aiming to offer smart and integrated solutions to manufacturers of textile goods. will launch its new textile printing department, becoming the first digital printing company in Romania able to work with any kind of fabric, from synthetic textiles to the most delicate natural fibers.
Gemini CAD Systems, global leading provider of technology for fashion industry and other sectors working with flexible materials, will present the innovative Gemini AutomART solution and will unveil a complete production line based on this technology, recently deployed at In customizable printed products sector and especially in sportswear manufacturing, Gemini AutomART replaces the traditional production flow with a complete automated one, which leads to time and costs savings, while enhancing the products’ quality.

In Sibiu, for almost three days, Romanian and international experts (Gemini CAD Systems, Mimaki Europe, Mons Medius) will initiate a wide professional conversation about the latest technologies and trends in digital printing industry.

Alexandru Ionuț Anca, founder, explains: „Our previous textile printing solutions had technical limits in terms of fabrics, printing surface or colors duration, but also creative limits. We were lately interested to address a new category of customers, meaning experts, entrepreneurs and designers in fashion, textile and furniture industries who are seeking for state-of-the-art garments and textiles printing technologies. We are thus able now to launch our new textile printing department, offering complete solutions for design, fabric treatment, print and cut stages for textile sewn goods. In the same time, for offering exclusive and premium services to this market, we focus on high quality and short response time, choosing the latest and most innovative technologies. Therefore, through joint efforts with Gemini CAD Systems, we are glad to house at the automated production line for customizable printed garments based on Gemini AutomART technology.

Offering top technology and outstanding innovation to fashion and garments industry cannot mean anymore to provide only individual working tools for design departments and cutting rooms”, says Traian Luca, CEO Gemini CAD Systems. „It also means to evaluate the current production flows as a whole, to rethink their technical and economical performances and to finally create new smart and integrated solutions, able to meet the latest automation and digitization standards. This journey requires changes on the working flows and concepts, indeed, but it pays off in terms of efficiency, productivity, costs savings and quality enhancement. Our innovative Gemini AutomART solution offers all these advantages to printed customized products manufacturers and mostly to sportswear producers. Working with and deploying in Sibiu a Gemini AutomART production line is our response to these specialists who are seeking for a complete and highly efficient automate solution to their needs.

„Colors & Shapes. Smart Print Solutions” event will include equipment and technologies presentations, hands-on demonstrations, open working sessions, as well as various networking and entertainment opportunities, being held between 16-18 November in Sibiu.


About is the only textile printing company in Romania able to work with all the fabric categories:
• 100% natural fibers: cotton, silk, linen, hemp, wool, jute, etc.;
• 100% synthetic fibers (cellulosic and non-cellulosic): viscose, acetate, acrylic, polyester, nylon, spandex;
• composite textiles;
• elastic and non-elastic fabrics. offers the best ratio in terms of time – quality – price – color duration and uses state-of-the-art printing technology (Mimaki Tiger-1800B MkII printer). The main strengths are the premium printing quality, printing with 8 colors – with OECO-TEX certified inks, and high production capacity – 200 lm/hour.
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About Gemini CAD Systems
Gemini CAD Systems is a global leading provider of CAD-CAM technology and integrated solutions for textile and fashion industry, for textiles and leather upholstery industry in furniture and automotive sectors, as well as for other manufacturing industries working with flexible materials. Gemini products are exclusively based on proprietary algorithms and concepts, being the result of the company’s research and development activities. The company has over 17,000 installations in nearly 60 countries of the world.
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