“Colors & Shapes. Smart Print Solutions”. More than 70 experts and professionals discovered in Sibiu the most modern solutions and technologies for textile digital printing

Between 16th and 18th of November 2018, in Sibiu took place the „Colors & Shapes. Smart Print Solutions” event, co-organized by and Gemini CAD Systems. More than 70 participants, including manufacturers of custom printed garments, designers, experts from the academic field or equipment suppliers, attended the presentations and demonstrations offered by the organizers, analyzing with interest and commitment the most modern textile digital printing solutions and technologies.

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„Colors & Shapes” was a professional event meant to bring into the participants` debate important topics on which industry`s progress depends, such as equipment performance, process automation, efficiency or production times, and showcase the available technologies in Sibiu.
With this occasion, has been placed on the national map of textile printing services as the most modern and complex center of its kind in the country, the only one capable to perform digital printing on all types of fabrics, natural, synthetic or composite. The state-of-the-art equipment guarantees high production capacity and offer the best ratio in terms of time – quality – price – color duration. Alexandru Ionuț Anca, founder of, states: „The new textile printing department of is the result of an ambition vision: the most advanced technologies for the most complex services, for the benefit of the most demanding customers. We have committed to everything about the concept of the center, the selection of equipment and technologies, their preparation for production. We are now prepared with the most modern textile printing center in Romania for our beneficiaries, meaning experts, entrepreneurs and designers from fashion, furniture or other creative industries, regardless of the complexity and difficulty of their textile printing projects.”

Gemini CAD Systems, global provider of technology for the fashion industry and other sectors working with flexible materials, presented in turn the complete production line based on its innovative technology, Gemini AutomART, deployed at Addressing the sector of customized garments printed digitally, the AutomART solution changes the traditional production flow with a completely automated one, which guarantees time and costs savings, as well as enhanced product quality. The Gemini presentations analyzed the current workflow in this sector, identified the problems that each step of the process raises and showed how the efficiency of the entire production workflow can be increased significantly through automation and innovation.
„We particularly appreciate the participants` interest in the Gemini AutomART solution and how they got involved in debates and analyzes. At the production hall, where our technology has demonstrated its efficiency, performance and innovation, all traces of doubt or skepticism about the Gemini approach have been definitely shattered. This is natural, because any technology that changes the way of thinking and organizing work needs understanding and time to be adopted. AutomART is, without a doubt, a turning point in the industry” says Traian Pîndaru, Direct Sales Manager at Gemini CAD Systems.
During the almost three days of the event, the participants also enjoyed the moments of relaxation and networking prepared by the organizers, taking advantage of the city`s beauty or the charm of the newly-opened Christmas fair in town. In the end, they all appreciated the usefulness and purpose of the meeting, the value of exchanging ideas, and especially the chance to share with other professionals their opinions on the evolution and prospects of the industry.

About is the only digital printing center in Romania able to print on all types of fabric:
• 100% natural fibers: cotton, silk, linen, hemp, wool, jute, etc.;
• 100% synthetic fibers (cellulosic and non-cellulosic): viscose, acetate, acrylic, polyester, nylon, spandex;
• composite textiles;
• elastic and non-elastic fabrics. offers the best ratio in terms of time – quality – price – color duration and uses state-of-the-art printing technology (Mimaki Tiger-1800B MkII printer). The main strengths are the premium printing quality, printing with 8 colors, using OECO-TEX certified inks, and high production capacity – 200ML/hour.
Website: Contact: Alexandru Ionuț Anca, Client Service Director, phone: 0749 774.682, e-mail:

About Gemini CAD Systems
Gemini CAD Systems is a global leading provider of CAD-CAM technology and integrated solutions for textile and fashion industry, for textiles and leather upholstery industry in furniture and automotive sectors, as well as for other manufacturing industries working with flexible materials. Gemini products are exclusively based on proprietary algorithms and concepts, being the result of continuous investments in research and development activities. The company has over 16,000 beneficiaries in nearly 60 countries of the world.
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