A NEW STEP TOWARDS TRANSPARENCY AND DIGITAL CONNECTION MyCAD platform is evolving to meet your deepest needs

Dear Gemini customer,

This is an important informing note, with key-details regarding your access to business information on your Gemini CAD Systems products and on your contractual history with our company and / or with our authorized distributors.
Please refer this letter to your managers or company administrators, if the case, to fully benefit from our transparency policy, preparing the entire team to enjoy and use the self-management tools for the Gemini products portfolio.


MyCAD platform is evolving to meet your deepest needs

As Gemini customer, you’ve got one or more acquisition contracts, for one or more licenses. You signed them directly with us or maybe with one or more Gemini distributors. You’ve got dongles to operate our applications and people in your company use them daily, for production purposes.
What about seeing this entire contractual history displayed in a single place, with all the relevant details? And what about being able to use this information to prepare and facilitate your future needs for technology and added services? Remotely, from the comfort of your desk?

Yes, we truly believe that a direct relationship based on transparency and online self-management tools are the keys for growth, trust, mutual satisfaction and success. In a time when access to information has to be available anytime, from anywhere, providing full visibility and freedom, Gemini CAD Systems makes the step towards online partnership, business flexibility and open opportunities.
This is a transformation process that involves both our teams and our partners in the distribution network worldwide, everybody committing to this ultimate goal: meeting your deepest needs, as our customer.

Here are our answers to your expectations, starting on March 2019:
We reposition MyCAD platform under the Gemini CAD Systems signature, as operational online platform for our customers and beneficiaries. The new URL address will be
Your profile on the platform will include YOUR NEW CUSTOMER ACCOUNT, with extended information on your contracts, payments, licenses, dongles and services, everything related to your Gemini CAD Systems products. Full transparency and quick access, at your hand. Remotely, from the comfort of your desk. A direct digital connection with Gemini and your local distributor.
We care about your privacy, so we updated the security level of our platforms, using the most efficient protection methods to deal with potential security flaws. As a technical requirement during this migration, we will reset your MyCAD access password and you will be asked by e-mail to set a new password. Our e-mail informing message will include detailed instructions for this procedure. If you will encounter any difficulties to follow the instructions, our support team will be available for assistance and help.
The benefits offered by MyCAD platform will be developed this year in a gradual manner, to give you more self-management tools and level up your freedom in decisions and actions, as Gemini products’ user.


More questions and needs deserve better answers
This is an important year for all of us, with remarkable developments in products, clients’ relations and services, general standards. Given these transformations, you might have more questions or requests, you will need better assistance, there will be many new features and solutions to be learned and deployed. Of course, progress in products should rely on progress in services. This is why another important topic have captured our attention during the last months: improving our technical assistance policy and infrastructure.
We will thus gladly launch on March our new Service Desk platform, with important benefits during warranty or support contracts: modern and better organized support services, multi-level operating standards, requests’ traceability, certified answer-time and resolution-time, emergency options availability. The technical assistance services will be provided by Gemini CAD Systems and its partners in the distribution network, upon the case, based on contractual terms.
Additional information and detailed presentation on this topic will be sent to you on our March edition newsletter.

As a necessary preparation for the announced developments, we kindly ask you again to review your company’s profile on MyCAD platform, for checking and completing your information, so that to have full access to future resources, information, services and products.