Gemini CAD at SIMAC 2013 Bologna, Italy

The exhibition for leather processing technologies SIMAC Bologna 2013 provided an excellent opportunity for Gemini CAD Systems to introduce its new equipment for leather inspection and nesting. The server XL2 claims the leading position in leather nesting, while the Digital Inspection Table responds to the new requirements for more efficient leather usage in high quality conditions.

GeminiCAD at TUYAP 2012

Gemini CAD Systems attended, thru ITS sole distributor in Turkey, Gemini Otomasyon, at CLOTHING MACHINERY 2012 held in Istanbul between the 31st of May and the 3rd June 2012.

Friendly hosts in an exceptional booth, Gemini Otomasyon impressed by perfect organization. The highlight was of course the complete Gemini CAD system, with the highest efficiency multicore nesting, automatic photodigitizer, high-end inkjet plotters and the economic plotter pen, and laser cutting technology.

Visitors’ generous influx was an acknowledgment of the market leader position in sales in Turkey, which is the second consecutive year that GeminiCAD is the bestselling CAD system.

GeminiCAD at Textech Indonesia 2011

GeminiCAD Systems participated together with his Indonesian distributor, the company Barunesia Jayandi PT at Indonesia’s International Exhibition on Textile Apparel Technology & Machinery – Textech Indonesia 2011 International Expo between 12-15 May 2011.

The visitors were enthusiastic about the technologies presented: the automatic photo digitizer module enjoyed attention, together with the high efficiency automatic nesting compatible with any CAD systems and FlexiJet series inkjet plotters, using printer ink cartridges available in any computer store.

Another attraction was the automatic leather system for detection, nesting and cutting, which revolutionizes the process in the footwear industry.

Both the sales team and technical team have shown a high posture, ensuring excellent conduct of the event.

LETEX 2010 International Exhibition for merchendise, machinery and raw materials for the light industry, 10th edition

Gemini CAD Systems attended, together with it`s distributor for the Republic of Moldova, the Olga Ceban company, the International Exhibition for merchendise, machinery and raw materials for the light industry, 10th edition, between the 18th and the 21st of November 2010.

The new automatic nesting algorithm aroused a real interest among the visitors, who apreciated the high efficiency and the fabric savings that the algorithm makes possible, making it very easy to absorb the investition just by the value of the saved fabric.

The visitors also appreciated the new high productivity ink jet FlexiJet 180 Duo plotter, that uses standard HP ink cartridges, available in any computer store.