LETEX 2010 International Exhibition for merchendise, machinery and raw materials for the light industry, 10th edition

Gemini CAD Systems attended, together with it`s distributor for the Republic of Moldova, the Olga Ceban company, the International Exhibition for merchendise, machinery and raw materials for the light industry, 10th edition, between the 18th and the 21st of November 2010.

The new automatic nesting algorithm aroused a real interest among the visitors, who apreciated the high efficiency and the fabric savings that the algorithm makes possible, making it very easy to absorb the investition just by the value of the saved fabric.

The visitors also appreciated the new high productivity ink jet FlexiJet 180 Duo plotter, that uses standard HP ink cartridges, available in any computer store.

GeminiCAD at the XXXVth Federal Trade Fair for Apparel & Textile “Textillegprom”, Moscow, 2010

From the 21st of September till the 24th of September 2010 in Moscow, Russia, took place the XXXVth Federal Trade Fair for Apparel & Textile “Textillegprom”.

The GEMINI CAD SYSTEM was represented by the Gemini distributor on the Russian market, the “PEREVALOV“company.

The system was given a lot of positive comments by visitors – experts.

Special attention was given to the PhotoDigitizer module, which allows to digitize several details at once and also gives the opportunity of construction and duplication of design by using different methods, depending on necessity.

Visitors pointed out invariable great opportunities of the system combining the optimum cost, with the high level of the technical support for GEMINI clients.


Gemini CAD Systems attended, through his partner in Ukraine, company Global, to the „Kiev Fashion Fair” held in Kiev between 14-17 September 2010.
Visitors attention was drawn to the high efficincy algorithm for automatic nesting and Automatic Photo Digitization solution for patterns.

Textile high school competition in city of Smederevo

Serbian distributor of GeminiCAD Systems – company Global-Trade Yu organized a seminar from 23rd of April to 24th of April in Smederevo, where professors as well as directors of 32 schools from entire territory of Serbia participated. Our host, the highschool „Despot Ðurad“ Smederevo organized with the same occasion a competition of creativity between schools.
For the winner of the competition as well as for the host school, Gemini CAD Systems and Gemini distributor Global-Trade Yu have provided two complete licenses of GeminiCAD. The aim of this sponsorship is to educate the young generation for the future challenges in the production.