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Gemini Pattern Designer 15.02.2017


Geminin MTM Server 15.02.2017


Gemini Spread&Cut Planner 15.02.2017


Gemini Nest Expert 15.02.2017


Gemini Photo Digitizer 15.02.2017


Gemini Leather Nesting 04.06.2013


Gemini Cut Collecting Wizzard 09.03.2013


Gemini Shield 15.02.2017


Gemini PLT Spooler 20.02.2013


Piece Tool

Align grain axis

Attach or detach auxiliary pieces to the main pieces

Block the selected piece

Create a new piece from pieces intersection

Create automatically matching points

Create points at pieces intersection

Cut a piece with another

Spread&Cut Planner demo movie

Extract the external cut line and internal seam line on a new piece

Extract the external cut line with grading

Flip X Y

Group ungroup the selected pieces

Join pieces in a new piece

Shape Tool

Add a new point delete a point

Angle definition in corners

Bulge and Fan transformation


Create a new point at a certain procentage between 2 selected points

Create a new point at a given distance from a selected point

Divide a segment in a given number of parts

Edit dependency groups for the pieces in a model

Fold close

French curves


Point alignment vertical horizontal rectilinear

Rotate a group of points around a point

Round a corner

Set the point type

Draw Tool

Draw a circle or elipse

Draw a square or rectangle

Free drawing

New Function Drawing

Trace mode

Garment Tool

Corner notch

Create a sequence of mixt folds

Create a sequence of separate folds

Create distance notch

Dependent line

Internal tehnical points

Intersection notch

Parallel to the contour

Procent notch

Selecting multiple auxiliary figures (notches internal points darts folds)

The grain axis

Translated contour


Copy grading sequence

Edit grading table of point

Grading table

Liniarize point grading

Measure and Check Tool

Assembly and Marry

Measurements table

Transfer notches

Walking pieces

General Program Function

Advanced Magnetize

Fast and simple way to design a garment using advanced magnetize

Photo Digitizer

Convert the printed or paper patterns into an electronic form

Inline Leather Cutting System
High Volume Leather Cutting System
Small Leather System
Gemini Cad Creative


Gemini Pattern Designer


Gemini Spread&Cut Planner


Gemini Nest Expert


Gemini Photo Digitizer


Gemini Tailoring Assistant


Gemini Nesting Server Assyst


Gemini Nesting Server Gerber


Digitizers and Plotters


Laser Cutter FlexiCut L160


CNC Cutter HY-H Series Conveyor


CNC Cutter HY-S series static


English Manuals

Gemini Nest Expert


Gemini Pattern Designer


Gemini Spread&Cut Planner


Gemini Photo Digitizer


FlexiPen 120-165 plotters


PopJet 165-180-200 plotters


Manuale in limba Romana

Gemini Nest Expert


Gemini Pattern Designer


Gemini Spread&Cut Planner


Gemini Photo Digitizer


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FlexiJet 180 G-usb driver


FlexiJet 180 S-usb driver


FlexiJet 180 A Duo-usb driver


PopJet 165-180 Duo-usb driver


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Gemini Cad X9 Brochure November 2010


Gemini Cad Russian X9 Brochure November 2009


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Gemini Cad Bulgarian X9 Brochure November 2009