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Gemini Pattern Designer X19 Brochure – English
Gemini AutomART – Textile Digital Printing Brochure – English
Gemini X19 CAD Package Brochure – English
Andura Laser Brochure – English
Gemini VisionCUT Brochure – English
Apogy Brochure


Gemini Photo Digitizer
Gemini Spread & Cut Planner
Gemini Nest Expert
Gemini Marry, Walking Pieces, Packing
Gemini Linked Pieces
Gemini Advanced Folds
Gemini Pattern Sketch
Gemini Model History
Gemini Style Selector
Gemini AutomART

SOFTWARE FEATURES – Demo Products Animations & Movies
Style Selector – Manufacturing Customized Soft Goods
Gemini Pattern Designer – AutomART – Textile Digital Printing
Gemini AutomART

demo movie

About us

Greetings from the Gemini CAD Systems Team
2% from Gemini’s Nesting – Global ecological impact


Thagora Furniture English Brochure
Thagora Automotive English Brochure
Thagora Leather Scanning Machine English Brochure
Thagora Automatic Nesting English Brochure
Thagora Mobili Italian Brochure

Products Animations & Movies

Thagora Off-Line Advanced Workflow leather cutting solution
Thagora Off-Line Basic Workflow leather cutting solution
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