Digital textile printing is a booming sector. More and more printer manufacturers respond to the increasing demand for performant production tools. Despite this evolution, the pre-press and RIP software tools remain mostly separated from the post-printing process, which in most cases requires cutting the printed content. Another significant problem is that nesting efficiency of common imposition software is poor compared to the high efficiency encountered usually in textile nesting and cutting.

Cutting printed fabrics or other flexible materials raises particular problems and usually requires dedicated algorithms to compensate the media distortions occurred during print, transfer or curing.


Since 2011, Gemini VisionCUT system offers a reliable solution for fabric scanning, processing and cutting, to be applied on any single ply cutter.

In 2016 Gemini CAD systems introduces PDFtoCUT plugin for Nest Expert, a module capable of performing a simple but critical job:  PDF graphics can be imported and processed as pieces in the classical CAD software workflow, thus benefiting from the high nesting efficiency and being capable to generate simultaneously two files: one for the digital printer, the other for the cutter.  Both files incorporates logical elements which shall be used later by VisionCUT for automatic scanning and cutting the file.

The capability to nest several PDFs into one large marker, using all typical advantages of an automatic nesting solution for apparel industry, translates into a total automatization of the process, all the way to the cutter.



PDF graphical content passes through Gemini Nest Expert undamaged, without any alteration of the quality or properties of the original files, and the result is a large format PDF with same quality level and color properties, which can be sent directly to the printer.