Cutting room in Leather

Cutting Room in Leather


Gemini CAD Systems goes far beyond being a simple cutting room solutions seller, as it comes forth with a consultative approach of the challenges your business needs to cope with, which results in a solution customized for each client’s cutting room.

The ability of simultaneously nesting dozens of hides, combined with the possibility of smartly pre-assigning hides create the premises for saving at least 2% when it comes to hide consumption; thus, the typical values are:

At least 2% in handbag industry

At least 5% in furniture

We bring a dramatic upgrade to any existing leather cutter in good working conditions, regardless of the manufacturer or age. The upgrade will focus on the leather inspection, leather nesting, cutting optimization and collecting. This is made by a complete replacement of the software and also, if applicable, by changing the workflow from an in-line to an off-line process.

The main points of improvement are:

  • better efficiency in leather use
  • less dependency on qualified work
  • increased machine output


The expectations for the above-mentioned goals are equal to or even higher than the ones for a completely new system available today on the market, especially in leather consumption.

Because the machine itself is preserved, the cost of this upgrade is significantly lower than the one of replacing the entire system. This low investment cost, reported to the high savings and immediate benefits, results in a surprisingly short return on the investment period.

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