Cutting Room in Apparel

Cutting Room in Apparel


An integrated vacuum system, with a possibility to preselect the eight stages absorption power for an accurate cutting and a reduced energy consumption.

The possibility to move the cutter on rails in order to serve multiple spreading lines.

The possibility to correct, via software, the position of the marker according to the lay inclination when advancing on the active cutting surface.

Self-assessment feature: the automatic display of the error cause and of the resolution solution.

Daily and weekly reports regarding the productivity.

The automatic selection of the cutting path, ensuring the minimum void movement.

The possibility to edit the ISO-CUT file, modify the signs, the notches, the starting point and the cutting direction.


  • the HY-HC series – speed, accuracy and efficiency adapted for the mass production.
  • the HY-HC-J series – for the cutting of the denim type hard materials or of the technical articles.



The main elements making the difference from other cutting solutions:

  • Reduced operation costs regarding the consumable parts, including knives
  • Stock of spare parts and consumable parts in the warehouse in Iasi, with a 24h delivery throughout the whole country
  • Online monitoring system of the machine functioning parameters (SPIM image with the cutter model and the number of pieces functioning hours)
  • A 24h intervention period and a 48h defects remedying interval
  • A 10 year warranty on the spare parts availability and maintenance services at fixed prices
  • Reduced costs for fully extending the warranty on a period of up to 10 years

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