Cutting Room Upgrade


In the area of industrial equipment, software is often subject to a faster depreciation compared to hardware. Software is also the main source of cost-cutting and process automation. This applies 100% to the cutting room as well. GeminiCAD understood this and created a business line dedicated to upgrading the cutting room machines and processes.

Cutting Room Upgrade

As a professional in leather upholstery, whether you want to optimize the leather consumption, the usage of the machines or to increase the operators’ efficiency, upgrading the leather cutting room is a continuous endeavor.

No matter what your current status is – if you have a cutter or you want to buy a new one, you cut manually or with die cutting machines – Thagora can address this challenge. For every scenario, our leather cutting solution will increase the overall performance, regardless the size of your business or the industry you are in – Furniture or Automotive.

Furthermore, if you want to purchase a new cutter, right now or whenever you will consider that this investment is right for your business, you have the freedom to choose any machine on the market. This is possible because Gemini’s Thagora software and the Thagora Leather Scanning Machine can be integrated with any cutter. We will help you assess your needs and choose the solution that suits you best.

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