Reasons to join us

The company headquarters is located in the greenest area of Iasi,  where our employees benefit from offices equipped with latest generation hardware and software tools in open space areas that facilitate teamwork. The headquarters is a balanced combination between a modern office concept and various relaxing areas at the highest standard of comfort, such as an elegant seating and dining area, a terrace with a great view over the city, an indoor swimming pool and a spacious parking place.

We offer our people the best chance to grow so we provide them a flexible environment with the opportunity to build customized compensation and benefits packages depending on their priorities and needs, a flexible work schedule, competitive training programs and teambuildings facilitated by the best specialists.


As we treasure most the quality of our staff rather than its size, the Gemini team’s results are at the highest level. This is why the only criterion that brings rewards for the Gemini employees is Performance. At Gemini, we want people to chose their own path because we believe that excellence comes when hard working is combined with passion and enthusiasm. This is why at Gemini, people are assigned to projects considering their knowledge as well as their interests.

How creative can you be if you are told what to do at every important step? If someone else, from a higher office makes all the plans, architecture and all the major decisions? As one of our members you can get involved directly in the creative process and you will have the support to best practice your expertise, abilities and passions. You will see with your own eyes how your work comes to real life, as our specialists, regardless the department they work in, get to visit our customers when the final product gets delivered.