Textile Processing

Textile Processing


Gemini AutoMarker is an advanced solution for automatic nesting in the upholstery industry, developed by Gemini CAD System.

By being a direct convertor of native files – from many CAD Systems and of standard files –   from all applications compatible with the DXF – AAMA standard format, it can also be used in combination with other CAD products, different than GeminiCAD.

Gemini AutoMarker is now prepared to be used in the process of creating ready to print markers, by having the capability of importing and nesting shapes with textures included, from the pdf file format.

The nesting results in terms of speed and efficiency are considerably higher than in the case of manual nesting.



Gemini AutoMarker can perform fully automatic nesting on simple fabrics or for fabrics with plaids, stripes or textures, with specific widths and contractions, according to each piece specifications and freedom. Gemini AutoMarker can output the nesting results in its own file format: *.mrk, but can also export it in all major industry standards: DFX-AAMA, HPGL-PLT, ISO-CUT and RS274D. After automatic nesting, the markers can be directly plotted or sent to the automatic cutting machine.

General features AutoMarker

  • Fully automatic, high efficiency marker optimization
  • Special features developed dedicated to the upholstery industry like automatic nesting for checked fabrics
  • Import of native files from Lectra, Gerber, Assyst and Investronica
  • Import of standard files from any CAD System capable to output standard files format
  • Import of pdf files for the preparation of ready to print file
  • Export to plotters, cutters
  • Data import from ERP systems
  • Data export to ERP systems

Marker report


Automatic Nesting Server for Lay Assyst, Gerber Accumark and Lectra

  • Based on Gemini AutoMarker state of the art nesting technology
  • Performs full automatic, high efficiency marker optimization in 3-5 minutes
  • Direct import and process Assyst/Gerber/Lectra markers from local area network
  • Direct export for Assyst/Gerber/Lectra/Bullmer cutters and plotters
  • Delivered “Ready to Work”, all software preinstalled and configured
  • Available in all languages