Pattern Designer

Pattern Designer


Gemini Pattern Designer is the flagship of Gemini CAD Package.
X17 version is the result of company’s 15 years of experience in the field and the continuous innovation invested in the product, to respond to the challenges and needs of more than 20.000 end-users.
Repeating the story of its initial launch back in 2004, Gemini Pattern Designer claims again in 2017 to redefine the state-of-the-art in soft product development, by incorporating all valuable existing industry knowledge and adding innovative tools never seen before in any competing product, such as Style Selector & Web Publisher or Digital Printing tools.




Gemini Pattern Designer x17 features all options for shape construction, depending on user’s preference: free, assisted and parametric methods, or any combined approach. Gemini CAD was the first to introduce native Bezier curve shape and corner angle control and further developed this geometrical platform by introducing Linked pieces with automatic shape synchronisation, while maintaining the freedom to move, rotate, flip parts on the digital workspace, to preserve the natural feeling of manual pattern development on a working table.

The quality is in details, and to handle such details Gemini Pattern Designer has now 24 types of seam allowance customisable

corners, a unique Folds Editor to handle multiple and complex folds with 3D folding visualisation and library and the most advanced set of tools for Notch Management.

Keeping trace of the entire history of changes in the model, managing different design evolution branches is now possible due to the new Model History and Branches Manager while the encryption and security of the intellectual property and the rights to access the content for team members and partners are managed through the proprietary web platform, developed by Gemini CAD Systems.


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