Automatic Grading Expert

Automatic Dimensioning Expert

Automatic Dimensioning Expert allows a totally different approach compared to the classical designing method.

The construction of the patterns is based on a geometrical infrastructure called skeleton. The skeleton is built using the classical pattern construction techniques and steps, as described in any pattern construction manual, therefore it is very simple and logical for any pattern designer. The skeleton contains formulas and geometrical relations which are based on measurements. By introducing different measurements values in the formula, the shape of the skeleton will change, but it will always maintain the correlation and shape constrains.

One skeleton can be used for several style patterns, for different models. The patterns are simply hanged on the skeleton using connection points. When the skeleton will deform, it will also deform the patterns.


When a new set of measurements for a particular product is input in the system, Gemini will rebuild the entire set of patterns from scratch, instead of just choosing a size and making changes on it.

The result is always a perfect set of patterns, even for the most complicated and quality demanding products. The entire process is fully automatic and fast, providing a high output capacity.

Automatic Dimensioning Expert