Cutter Collecting Wizzard

Cutter Collecting Wizard


Cut Collect Assistant is a collecting system for cut parts, based on augmented reality and that can implement various bundling strategies. It is developed for any automatic single ply or high ply cutterwith conveyor table, and it helps collecting the cut parts by high-lighting the next piece or the next group of pieces to be collected and printing the corresponding label for them.

The Cut Collect Assistant System is linked directly to the cutting machine offload conveyor table and collecting process is synchronized with the belt movement.

Collecting and piece depositing is assisted by a video projector using an advanced ergonomic and customizable stand-alone software package.

The bundling strategies are fully customizable, as well as highlighting the patterns. (index, colour, pattern, etc.)

Main characteristics :

  • Pick by light collecting
  • Drop by light depositing
  • Intelligent drop off zones management
  • Customizable collecting strategies
  • Smart collecting on shared markers
  • Encoder synchronized projection
  • Bar code reading
  • Acoustic messages
  • Ergonomic and autonomus operating (no interaction with the computer needed)
  • Minimal human resource and skills


Adress the main business drivers

Incoming growth through higher productivity:

  • Increased processing speed due collecting based on visual information .
  • Increase machine output. Continuous use of the cutter. Eliminating time wastage.


Reduce investment cost along with decreasing operational cost :

  • Seamless integration in the current workflow leading to a highly automation grade. Various collecting strategies can be implemented.
  • Protect the initial investment in the cutting room. No need to buy a new cutter
  • No hardware changeson the existing cutter.
  • Easy software integration with a large scale of nesting application


Use resources efficiently :

  •  Significant reduction in dependency on specialized stuff. No highly skilled operators required .
  • Reduce consumption of supplies (labes, cover foil)



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