Composite Processing Nest Expert

Composite Processing Nest Expert


Gemini Nest Expert is an advanced solution for automatic nesting in the technical industry, developed by Gemini CAD Systems.

By being a direct converter of native files – from many CAD Systems, and of standard files – from all applications compatible with the DXF–AAMA standard format, it can also be used in combination with other CAD products, different from GeminiCAD.

The nesting results, in terms of speed and efficiency, are considerably better than in the case of the manual nesting.

Gemini Nest Expert can perform a fully automatic nesting on fabrics with specific widths and contractions, according to the specifications and freedom of each piece. Gemini Nest Expert can output the nesting results in its own file format: *.mrk, but can also export the latter into all major industry standards: DXF Standard, HPGL-PLT, ISO-CUT and RS274D. After the automatic nesting, the markers can be directly plotted or sent to the automatic cutting machine.


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