Technological Highlights

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A glimpse of our current R&D projects, to help you better understand how we contribute to technology evolution:

1.Digital Printing:

Dye-sublimation or direct textile printing for mass-customization in sportswear or home decoration are still affected by a high level of manual labor required. Our project aims to unify graphical prepress with pattern design and to create a fully automatic process including nesting, printing and cutting.

2.New generation of Pattern Design application:

Most of our success was based on the fresh and innovative approach of our Gemini Pattern Designer, first launched in 2004. Over the years, version after version, this application grew up to become one the most complete and powerful solutions available n the market.  Now it is time for a fresh new start.  The courage to push “New Project” button, combined with the strong experience of our developing team are the main ingredients for what we expect to be the event of the industry in 2017, the introduction not only of a new version, but of a new generation of Pattern Design application, capable to set again the standards and trends in the industry.

3.New generation of nesting algorithms:

We aim to repeat the 2009 success story when Gemini CAD Systems introduced for the first time multi-core parallel nesting algorithms, and to bring a total new approach in nesting technology, redefining again the speed and efficiency standards. We put up a great team including mathematicians, software analysts and programmers, statisticians and computer hardware engineers, in a 2 years strategic project.

4.Waterjet cutting machine:

After successfully completing our first hardware project, The LS3000 leather inspection machine, Gemini CAD Systems decided to add the last component to its leather processing package, the cutter.