Our values

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Continuous Innovation


Gemini has continuously invested in technologies and solutions that simplify clients’ processes and increase productivity. To be sure that this will continue to be a sustainable characteristic of our company, we have decided that creativity and problem solving are two of the main characteristics we are looking for when we are recruiting new team members and partners.

Freedom of choice


Gemini believes in real alternatives both for team members and our customers. That’s why we are continuously investing in carrier opportunities and new projects for our team members.  For our customers, we are constantly creating new products and features 100% compatible with leading standards and technologies from the market. Freedom of choice is what made us special into the market. Our success has come because Gemini represents an alternative to the bundled solutions that creates dependence of the customer to a certain technology or a certain provider.

Caring Adaptability               

Gemini, as the brand name implies sees itself like a part of a bigger context in which harmony and concern to the other part needs, are the most important aspects. Therefor, our company is constantly concerned to adapt to new technologies, its employees’ needs, clients perspective and also to social and natural environment. The proofs that stand out for these values are our constantly increasing numbers of satisfied employees and customers, our unique technologies and our increasing numbers of partners and projects in CSR and environmental protection.